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Jordan Energy & Mining Subsidiary "KIO" Hosted Two Scoping Sessions in Amman & Karak - JANUARY 2015
In Accordance with the Jordanian Ministry of Environment's EIA Regulations No. 37 of 2005; two scoping sessions were hosted by KIO in Amman & Karak on January 6th and 27th, 2015 respectively.
JEML's Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Manifests Itself in Funding Two Projects in Karak where Its Operating Subsidiary "KIO" Works - DECEMBER 2014
The CSI initiatives are aimed at achieving and sustaining positive social development of the Karak community where JEML's subsidiary "KIO" operates .


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Jordan Energy and Mining Limited (JEML) specialises in mining and processing oil shale, the earth's largest source of untapped liquid hydrocarbons, a fuel lifeline which can extend the world's oil supply.

We consume six barrels of oil for each new barrel discovered and world demand for oil is still growing.  Yet output from the world's oil fields is declining naturally by 9% per year.  With oil production expected to peak within the lifetimes of most people living today, the search for a viable, long-term alternative to oil has become more urgent.

Jordan Energy and Mining employs leading edge technology and specialist expertise to exploit oil shale reserves, initially in Jordan.  Our oil shale mining projects in Al Lajjun will help the Kingdom meet its daily petroleum consumption of around 100,000 barrels per day.