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Efficient processing technology

There are more than 60 oil shale processing technologies but Jordan Energy and Mining has opted to employ the Alberta Taciuk Process (ATP), which has a 33 year track record and is the best available technology for Jordanian oil shale.  This features a unique thermal process and hydrocarbon cracking system for separating and extracting water and organic substances from host solids.

Two 500 tonnes/hr ATP retorts simultaneously extract and primary upgrade the oil recovered from the oil shale.  The retort is a multi-compartmented rotating process that achieves:

  • Heat exchange to preheat and dry incoming feed
  • Thermal reactions to recover light hydrocarbons (shale oil)
  • Combustion of by-product carbon (coke) as the primary heat source, which means it is extremely energy-efficient


Once operating, no external energy sources are needed to stimulate the reactions in the retort apart from a modest amount of electrical power to rotate the retort and power the upgrading system.

ATP Schematic